In Someone Else’s Skin

Title: In Someone Else's Skin
Series: Lindi Parker #3, Shifter Shield #3
Published by: Bathory Gate Press
Contributors: Margo Bond Collins

Lindi Parker is scared out of her mind—and for a snakeshifter, that’s saying something.

When Lindi grabbed the latest newborn lamias and leaped into the unknown, she knew she was risking their lives.

But the alternative—allowing the faction that wants to eliminate all lamias on sight to capture them—meant certain death.

Now she’s faced with a brand-new enemy in an unknown land, and all she wants is to get back home.

This time, her status as a Shifter Shield won’t save her.

Fans of Christine Feehan, K.F. Breene, and Linsey Hall will love the blend of urban fantasy and paranormal romance in the Shifter Shield series.

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