The Skin She’s In

Title: The Skin She's In
Series: Lindi Parker #2, Shifter Shield #2
Published by: Bathory Gate Press
Contributors: Margo Bond Collins
Pages: 217

Capturing the killer who was stalking the shapeshifter community should have earned weresnake Lindi Parker and her new boyfriend, mongoose-shifter Kade Nevala, a vacation. Instead it earned them a basket of baby lamias and a whole pile of trouble.

Some shifters think no lamia should be left alive. In fact, a faction of shifters led by one particular werewolf pack is determined to take Lindi down any way they can.

Kade and Lindi must use every skill they have to make sure lamias aren’t wiped out of existence again.

But winning might cost them everything.

Fans of Ilona Andrews, Faith Hunter, and K.F. Breene will love the combination of urban fantasy and paranormal romance in the second installment of the Lindi Parker Shifter Shield series!

One-click now for twisty fun!

*This novel was previously published as a series of novellas. It has been re-edited and combined into a single, continuous story.

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