Evershade Publishing


Evershade Publishing is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the company by Margo Bond Collins, Ph.D.

In addition to her experience as a traditional, small-press, and self-published author, Dr. Collins brings to Evershade over 25 years’ professional publishing and editorial experience in newspapers, academic publications, and fiction.

About the recent acquisition, Dr. Collins says, “I’m excited to build on Evershade’s strong foundation by launching new imprints and new authors in 2018—particularly as we have negotiated some amazing contracts with vendors that will allow us to offer quality books to more readers and to offer indie authors a traditional-publishing experience (but better!).”

Evershade’s submissions will re-open in April; authors are invited to review our information in the meantime:

About Us: https://www.evershadepublishing.com/about-us

Submissions: https://www.evershadepublishing.com/submissions

What We Want in 2018: https://www.evershadepublishing.com/what-we-want-in-2018